Five for Friday: Five Famous Dudes I Find Oddly Attractive

Attraction comes in many forms. It can be a look, a smell, a shared life theory. It can stem from admiration or basic carnal desire. Sometimes we find ourselves oddly attracted to people who aren’t our “type” or what we think our type is. And sometimes they aren’t even close to what anyone would consider conventionally good looking. When people typically make a list of famous guys to which they’re attracted, they offer up names like Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. Shocker. What a boring list. Today I bring you a different kind of list. These are people I find attractive that really kinda aren’t… least not in the shallow, conventional looks department sort of way.

Number 5- Steve Jobs


Why- The man was brilliant. Intelligence is attractive. And not only was he smart, he was super successful. Apple continues to grow and innovate.

Ok, so this one’s a bit of a cheat. Steve Jobs was actually HOT in his youth. And it is a bit morbid since he’s dead. He probably should have been saved for a list of dead dudes who were attractive…or something like that.



Number 4- Bill Clinton


Why- He was president. Power is attractive.

Sure he is a shitty husband. And he is old as dirt now. But in his prime, Bill was the man. And for a president, he’s smoking hot. Go look at the list and get back to me.

Number 3- Bobby Flay

Why- Bobby can throw down in the kitchen AND he’s gotten filthy rich doing it. Cooking skills are hot.

I don’t know what else to tell you on this one. Sometimes I don’t get the “why” either.

Number 2- Jack White


Why- Pure musical genius. He can write, sing, and play various instruments. And he does it all well. How many successful projects has he been involved with? About a million. I own music from 3 different bands plus his solo project.

Yes, he does look like a cross between the Crow and the Joker, but so what. 1. I thought Brandon Lee was hot. 2. Heath Ledger played the joker. Again, hot. Great, two more dead guys mentioned.

Number 1- Conan O’Brien


Why- Funny? Smart? Successful? Yeah, but even I don’t get this one. I’ve just always had a “thing” for him.

Honorable Mentions:

Dave Grohl- Again, another musical genius.


Josh Homme- That voice. That guitar.


Ok, this one IS a definite cheat. Because he’s clearly good looking.


What’s Attractive Check-list: Intelligence, success, power, musical prowess, business savvy, culinary skills, humor. I’m sure a lot of people would list these qualities.

How three gingers made this list, I’m not sure. Maybe I have a secret ginger crush? I kinda do dig Ron Weasley….

Who’s on your list?

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to: Kurt Vile – Wakin on a Pretty Day

Eating: Leftover squash, aspargus, black rice, and spinach

Drinking: H2O

Random fact: My favorite type of beer is IPA.


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Five Famous Dudes I Find Oddly Attractive

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  2. Young Steve Jobs, definitely. Dave Grohl, abso-freaking-luetly. Bill? Yes, for some reason, yes. He was charming as hell. And Obama too. I’m not on the same page about Conan and Flay, but I do have a little bit of a thing for Stephen Colbert, so there you have it.

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