My 4th of July: Rain, drinking, rain, drinking, and some more rain.

Back in the swing of things after the holiday.  It sure was nice to have a few days off!  Here’s what I was up to:


Wednesday- Baby Bro’s Birthday

Wednesday was Dustin’s 31st birthday.  Sheesh!  Now I am really feeling a bit old.  I mean, Dusty’s changed a lot and grown (by this I mean mentally and physically….he’s 6’6″ and huge now), but I still see him as the little skinny kid with the bowl cut.  Now we’re both adults….like in our 30’s adults.  Just feels odd.

Matt and I cooked Dustin and Brooke a nice birthday dinner and then we went over to their house to hang for a while.  This involved imbibing too much alcohol and failing miserably at bar games.  First I sucked at pool and then I “played” table tennis.  Played is in quotes because this mostly just involved me swinging at the ball and completely missing it or hitting it WAY off the table.  My only redemption came when Matt and I won at Cricket.  I think that was mostly luck though.  The darts seemed to go where they wanted to.  Brooke captured video evidence of my skills.  It will not be appearing here, there, or anywhere it may be viewed by others.



Here’s Dusty and Brooke on their wedding day.  I’m sure I’m off in the background crying somewhere.  I turned into a girly mess that day.



Not so little brother.


Thursday- The 4th of July

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do that morning….. I didn’t run the Peachtree.  I used my hip (nagging pain related to being old) and the rotten weather as excuses.  But really I just wasn’t feeling it.  So instead of doing this:


60,ooo+ runners

Matt and I left early for Pensacola where we encountered this:


This is a mutant sunflower which is part of Dennis’s  awesome garden.

Thursday Night, Saturday, and Sunday

We spent our holiday weekend in Pensacola visiting Matt’s Mom, Stepdad, and brother.  While Thursday night was the only reprieve we got from the horrid weather, we still managed to have a good time.  We made it out to a few of our favorite spots I mentioned on  Five for Friday: Five Spots to Visit in Pensacola, FL.  I was only sad that I got zero fun in the sun beach time.  It’s almost a running joke now.  This weekend there were several flash flood warnings and this happened during our last summer Pcola trip:



I think he was pissed because he really wanted a Whopper.

Here’s some video of the weekend:


Essentially every trip we take brings record rainfall.  So we’ve decided we  should start a business where we travel to areas suffering from drought to bring “miracle” rain.

Well that about sums up the weekend aside from Matt cussing the types of people appearing in this blog post and this blog post   all the way there and back.  Now I’m back at work and enjoying a little lunch time nosh and write session.  Oh, and I may or may not have just dropped a piece of cucumber down my shirt.


Stay positive & love your life!




Listening to: POLIÇA – Lay Your Cards Out

Eating:  A wonderful salad with yummy arugula and goat cheese.

Drinking:  Good ole H2O

Random fact:  When we were little, one of Dusty’s fave meals was pasketti.





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