Take My Money!

Last I checked we are in some sort of economic recession.   The GA unemployment rate is 8.2%.  People are crying that they can’t find work or that they need to make more money.  So why is it so hard to find someone to give a job and your money to?

I face this problem at work all of the time.  We post a job.  People apply.  We schedule interviews.  Some people don’t show up!  It used to surprise me;  now I factor it into the numbers.  At the end of the day, people want money, but not everyone wants to work.  Or they want to work, but they want a job for which they’re not qualified. This is corporate America; surely this can’t apply to all areas of the work force?!  At least I hoped it didn’t….

Enter my hunt for a new yard guy-

You own your own business so you’re definitely going to have to work right?  You are your paycheck.  So if you don’t work, you don’t eat.  And aren’t entrepreneurs supposed to possess some sort of special brand of go get ’em spirit that the rest of the populace is missing?  So why has it been an epic struggle to find someone to take my money?  I called at least 10 yard services:

3 didn’t service the area, though their website indicated otherwise.

3 tried to sell me services I wasn’t interested in.  I love an up sale…I get that.  But can we at least address the services I called about first?

3 didn’t return a call/email

1 went back and forth with me for a week and a half and then said he didn’t service the area.

Matt and I have reverted to stalking the streets.  We just wait till we see a guy with a trailer full of yard stuff and then we pounce!

Here’s a novel idea, have your business name and contact information on your truck.  Maybe someone will call you and beg you to take their money.  At least 4 trucks I’ve seen had zero signage.  I understand people grow business by referrals too, but this just seems like a no-brainer.

I have a call into a company today that might be promising. Matt drove up  next to these guys all stalker style so I could write down their info.

So wish me luck.  We’ve had a monsoon every other day here; so my lawn needs to be mowed constantly it seems.  And Matt’s not digging my electric lawn mower.  He thinks the other guys in the neighborhood are going to laugh at his extension cord.

He’s probably right.


This isn’t my lawn mower, but you get the idea.  I think it looks pretty bad ass.

This is the one I really wanted to get.

Not really sure where this post was supposed to be going.  I think I just wanted to vent.   Someone come mow my lawn please!  I’ll pay you!

Stay positive & love your life!  (even when the grass is high)



Listening to:  The clickity clack of the keys as I work.

Eating:  Leftover crock-pot northern beans and corn bread.

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact: I love the smell of fresh cut grass.  So…..


2 thoughts on “Take My Money!

  1. Okay, so when we lived in Buckhead (don’t judge us, we were renters slumming with the rich honky folk for a while) the yard was small enough that I thought a self-powered push mower would be the way to go. Old school all the way! That lasted one season. A herd of goats would have been more efficient and I could have learned to be a goat-herder, had goat milk for breakfast, and wore a goat skin hat a la Robinson Crusoe in his Sunday best. I sold that torture device masquerading as a lawn care implement at the next garage sale and promptly bought a gas-guzzling, oil leaking, environment destroying mower for a patch of lawn so small I couldn’t place catch on it with myself. I felt bad about this for about as long as it took me to choke the engine into life.

  2. Update: got a quote from Iguana Landscaping on Saturday. Seems promising. Maybe this whole ordeal is wrapped up….

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