What Happened to My Southern Accent?

Sigh.  I’m not quite sure how I acquired my jacked up “accent”.  I grew up dead center of Neckville, USA (aka Branford, FL).  But my accent waivers between southern country, midwesterner, and northerner.  And I’ve only ever lived in the south!

Perhaps some of it stemmed from purposely trying to speak without a southern accent when I went off to college? But some of my pronunciations I can’t tie to anywhere or anyone.  For instance, I pronounce the word bagel as bag (as in brown paper) -el.  Both Bee and Matt have pointed how weird this is.  I pronounce elementary with five symbols instead of four.  I call tennis shoes sneakers.  I pronounce the jam in pajamas like the jelly.  But Matt says all sorts of weird southern things (I’ll make a list for you one day)  so I just respond with “whatever”.   After reviewing the link below, I realize that my accent really is “all over the map”.

Click on the link to see all 22 maps and share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!



It’s called Coke.  At least my southern roots guided me to get this one right!


Sadly I’ve heard this expression in Florida too.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  The Limousines – Hush

Eating:  Oatmeal

Drinking:  Water

Random fact:   As a kid, my cousins in Ohio liked to listen to me speak because I had a southern accent.  Where did it go?

Okay, your turn to talk!

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