It’s the Weekend Baby and Here’s Your Playlist

I am finally starting to feel like myself again.  It is a good thing that I don’t get sick very often, because I certainly suck at it.  To recap, here is  the breakdown of my last 48 hours (aka the worst of this week-long bug):
Cough and blow my nose. Repeat, ad infinitum.
Get up on Wednesday in full zombie mode and somehow make it to work (despite Matt telling me 400x that I am sick and need to stay home).  Get to work, realize Matt is correct, call and have him drive into the city to pick me up.
Lie around the house looking like ass and eating stuff that is so not good for me under the guise of “but I’m sick”. 
Sleep for two hours.  Wake up and attempt to answer work emails.  Continue this throughout the day.
Stay home from work yesterday…still sick, with the addition of cabin fever and sheer boredom. 
Set the alarm for a 5:15 for a run because I’ve convinced myself I will be 100% cured by morning.

Wake up at 5:15 having some sort of deranged nightmare about a Texas Chainsaw Massacre house where the killer is Dwight from the Office.
Admit to myself that I’m still fairly sick and should get another hour or so of sleep.

Back at work.  Getting stuff done.  Feeling a wonderful sense of normalcy.  Eating a salad for lunch to atone for some of my food sins (and missing the gym all week). So aside from the fact that I have people coming over for a cookout tomorrow and that means I’m already stressing over the house, the yard and the menu etc. etc. all is well.

Now that I’ve sufficiently closed out my saga of sickness, I’d like to introduce the subject of today’s post, bands I just can’t get enough of.  I really wish I could come up with some sort of clever title that incorporates Friday, because I’d really like to make this a recurring post.  But Friday just doesn’t lend itself nicely to anything off the top of my head.  Music Mondays….see how easy that is?  Friday…?? Nope, nada.

I’m going with this for now:  It’s the Weekend Baby and Here’s Your Playlist.  Yeah, it sucks.  Maybe by the next post I will have a better name.

For the first week, I just want to introduce a few bands that have moved in and out of heavy rotation multiple times throughout the last year or so.  I’m constantly finding great new bands and tunes; so for something to keep coming back and seeing heavy play means it’s a band I think is pretty much the cat’s pajamas.

Silversun Pickups

This band has the odd ability to create songs that I just never get tired of hearing.  And I’ve played all of their albums over and over and over again.  They never get skipped on my iPod.  Ever.  I can’t even say that about my favorite band.

Brian Aubert’s voice is just so odd and unconventionally wonderful.

Local Natives

This outfit from California has easily worked its way into my top ten new favorites “I must see live”.  They are the perfect example of the brand of indie rock I tend to listen to these days. Their new album, Hummingbird, is wonderful.  But it was their debut album,  Gorilla Manor, that won me over.  It was added to my iPod one song at a time.  And the next thing I knew, I had bought the entire album.  Every song is a keeper.

And last but certainly not least this week is one of my very favorite bands:

Full Service

Found these guys through my love affair with 311.  They are an unsigned band out of Austin, TX that plays a genre of music that is totally their own.  I struggle to describe them.  And honestly, I think that’s how they like it.  They aren’t eager to fit into the industry mold of a reggae band or an alt rock band or a folk band; though at times they have all of these sounds.  Their stuff ranges from acoustic/chill to straight up guitar shredding.  The best way I’ve found to get their sound across is “they are heavily influenced by The Beach Boys and Mastodon”.  Oh, and that they rock!

Those that know me well have likely had me try to get you to listen to them 100x by now.  And if you haven’t been smart enough to listen to me prior to now, get to it.  Here’s a nice little compilation video.  They have a ton of stuff posted on You Tube and Spotify.


Here they are playing in my living room.  No words to describe how rad this was!

Happy listening guys!  Who are your favorite bands in current heavy rotation?  Let me know so I can share in the musical love.

Stay positive & love your life!



Listening to:  Daft Punk – Give Life Back to Music

Eating:  A Salad

Drinking:  H2O

Random fact:  My Mom & Dad met in Pensacola (while in the Navy) and I met Matt in Pensacola (while in college).


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