Sick & Grateful

Still sick.  I am now limited to mouth breathing and I’m blowing my nose every 2 minutes.  BUT I’m confident that this medicine will start doing the trick soon…..either that or whatever is causing this will admit defeat.  I’m far too stubborn to be taken down by a cold/URI/allergies or whatever this is that has me feeling like acting like an infant.


This is exactly how I’m breathing.

As I was sitting at the doc in a box for two hours after work yesterday feeling rather sorry for myself, I was browsing news updates.  And thank goodness something snapped me back to reality.  There I sat sniffling and coughing while people in OK were looking for loved ones and worring about how they were going to put their lives back together.  It really put things into perspective.  We must always look at the big picture and constantly get out of our heads.  That’s no place to live when there is so much going on outside.

Couple the OK tragedy with the fact that I’ve been connected to three deaths in the past week and I suddenly feel the need to “count my blessings”.

It’s unfortunate that it takes life’s major reminders and losses to make us focus on how much we have.  But if there is a positive to loss, it is that it can resharpen our focus.  We need to quit putting things off.  Do it now.  You don’t know what tomorrow brings.  I despise the saying YOLO.  Generally I see it tied to a meme of someone doing something incredibly stupid or selfish.  But it can be applied quite nicely to our daily existence.


  1. Take the time to tell the ones you love just how special they are to you.
  2. Don’t let fear of rejection stop you from going after what you truly want.
  3. Spend some time each day doing something to make the world a somewhat better place even if it’s just the world of one being (yourself, a friend, your dog).

Because maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll have many more days on this earth.  And you’ll have created the best possible version of life in which to enjoy those days.

Gone but not forgotten by those whose lives they touched…..

Rachael Weaver- I have many a great memory of fun times spent in your company.  In the words of Amy, “Heaven has a rock-n-roll angel”.

Mrs. Linda Cannon- You are tied to nearly every day of my years spent at BHS.  You will be sorely missed.

Caroline Neisler- I never knew you personally, but I know you must have been a pretty amazing person to have been friends with Matt.  I know your family, friends, and teammates will miss you greatly.

The many lives lost in OK-  Your families are in my thoughts.


Go hug someone today just because you can!

Stay positive & love you life,



Listening to: Architecture In Helsinki – YR Go To

Eating:  A late lunch of salad

Drinking:  Monster

Random fact:  I don’t like talking on the phone unless it is with my parents.


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