Everybody Sweat Now!

What do I have in common with Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Anthony Hopkins?  I’m ridiculously wealthy!  No, wait that’s not it.  I’m an old dude who isn’t aging very well!  Close, but no cigar (see what I did there) !  The correct answer is that they have all expertly played villains.  And I get to play the bad guy every morning I visit the gym with my workout partner!


I like to smoke cigars while I count push-ups. 

I’m completely fine with the eye daggers and cuss words hurled at me.  It is a nice reminder of my days in the gym as a trainer. Matt is the current president of the “I hate Melissa’s sadistic workouts” Club.  He dethroned my best friend Bee when he made the move here from Birmingham.

*I need to take a moment to inform you that Matt is definitely NOT from Alabama.  Don’t even try to joke with him about this.  He just doesn’t find it funny for some reason.  He is originally from the best state in the U S of A, Florida.  And don’t you forget it!

I  love creating a plan and having a good workout buddy, because it makes me push myself a lot harder.

Today I share with you this morning’s workout.  It’s a doozy.  So pop in your ear buds and fire up a playlist that motivates you!  This routine is great for all fitness levels and can be modified to just the right amount of torture to elicit a few F bombs.

You’ll need:

  • An area that allows you to take roughly 15 full lunges (an empty group fitness room, your driveway, a hallway…I could list open spaces ad nauseum)
  • A weight:   I like using a medicine ball.  But anything you have around the house that can provide a little resistance will work.  For this workout, a weight as light as a few lbs. provides a challenge.
  • A treadmill or the good ‘ole great outdoors.  If running isn’t a possibility for you (due to injuries and not because it’s hard and you don’t like it!), you can substitute the elliptical trainer or biking.

Start with a 5-10 minute warm-up.  A quick walk into a jog is ideal.


In your open space, mark out the distance it would take you to complete 15 lunges (total).  That’s your goal distance and turn-around point.  Each of the exercises in this circuit are there and back; meaning you work from your start point to your finish line and then turn around and work all the way back.

  1. High Kicks:  Start with the medicine ball above your head, arms extended.  Step forward with a straight, high kick bringing your arms down as you kick up.  The medicine ball should almost meet your toe.  Keep stepping forward repeating this motion on each side.
  2. Sumo Squat Walk:  Holding the medicine ball to your chest, get down into a low sumo squat.  Staying low in this position, stride forward taking short, controlled steps.
  3. Walking Lunge/Shoulder Press:  Start with the medicine ball at your chest.  Step forward into a lunge (making sure your knee does not extend beyond your ankle.)  When down in the lunge position,  press the medicine ball over your head. Lower the ball back to your chest, come up and step forward with the opposite foot.
  4. Figure 8s (basketball dribble):  Taking wide steps and staying low, weave the medicine ball through your legs in a figure 8 as you walk.  It helps to imagine basketball players dribbling through their legs while walking. *medicine ball does not hit the ground.
  5. Bear Crawl:  Get into a crawling position with your legs and arms fully extended (like an upside down V).  Crawl forward being sure to maintain a somewhat straight leg/arm position throughout.  This one should really burn in hamstring/glute tie-in area & your shoulders.
  6. Inch Worm (optional push-up):  Start in a standing toe touch.  Walk your hands forward until you’re in a plank (start of a push-up position).  From there inch your toes up to meet your hands.  Repeat.  If you want a bigger challenge, do a push-up (or 5) at each plank position before walking back up!
  7. Side Shuffle (basketball defensive position):  Hold the medicine ball to your chest and get into your sumo squat position again except turn it sideways this time.  Staying low, shuffle sideways to your finish line.  Come back leading with the opposite leg.


10 minute run-  Push yourself.  Try starting out with a manageable jog,  building to a sprint at the 5:30 mark and then tapering back down to a manageable jog.  Or try some intervals:  one minute sprint/one minute recovery (jog or fast walk) for 10 minutes.



Perform another 10 minute run.  This is the last 10 minutes of your workout!  How far/fast can you go?  How hard can you push?!

Be sure to end with a cool down (a few minutes of walking to let your heart rate come down) and spend some time stretching out or doing some work on the foam roller.


If you did it right, this is the face you’ll make. 

How’d you do?  Are you sweating?  Cussing?  Feeling awesome?  I’d love to hear your success story, so drop a comment!  Or feel free to cuss me out here via the interwebs.

Stay positive & love your life!



Song:  Tame Impala – Elephant

Food:  Leftovers- Malibu veggie burger, rosemary smashed potatoes, and lima beans

Drinking: H20

Reading:  Latest edition of the Running Times

Random Fact: The first movie I remember watching in theaters is “Big”.  My Mema & Papa took me to see it at the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL.


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