Music: You Are My Constant Companion

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life.  I think about it pretty much constantly.

Who will be my next musical love?  Read- I’m ALWAYS looking for new bands.

Who is releasing new tracks?  Read-What are my current faves up to?

Who is putting on a show?  Read- Where’s the next concert/festival that I can get super excited about for months?

Why is music so important?  I’m sure folks have answered this is so many different ways, but for me it comes down to three things:  memories, motivation, and mood.


I have a soundtrack stored in my brain for every key event and time in my life.  It is as if my memories unfold like scenes from movies and bands just show up to score the film.  I can hear a song and instantly be transported back 5, 10, 20 years.

My parents are huge music lovers (Thanks Mom and Dad for passing this on to me!)  Music was always streaming through my childhood home.  Dad would pump some great classic rock-n-roll and my little brother (Dustin) and I would dance all over the place.

My Dad loved Bob Marley.  Dustin and I actually choreographed a routine to “Get Up, Stand Up”.   Well, I’m not sure if “routine” is the correct term.  It was really just a series of knee slides and flailing arms!

Dad woke us up with jazz on Sundays while Mom was cooking breakfast.  He introduced me to many of the bands that still rattle around my playlists today. I mean, I’m named after an Allman Brother’s Band song for goodness sake!  How could I not be genetically wired to adore music?!

I could go on and on about musical memories, but I’ll save that for another blog post or 200.


Can’t get much more timeless than Bob.


Music motivates me.

If I need help pushing through the last mile of a run, here comes the perfect song to the rescue.

Need to clean the house, but don’t feel like moving?  Throw on some tunes at full blast.  *Side note- I’m a bit of an obsessive house cleaner.  I’m pretty sure I inherited this trait as well.  Thanks Mema & Aunt Laura.

Have a spreadsheet with a million columns and little tiny numbers?  Dial your internet radio to a channel that will help you zone in and do work!

Seriously, how boring and borderline unbearable would 99% of our daily tasks be with music?


Yep, this is exactly how it goes down.


Music can get you through the darkest day.  It can pick you up when you’re feeling down.  It can provide a dark canvas when you’re feeling like wallowing in self pity for a minute.  It can make you smile.  It can bring you to tears.  I really can’t think of something that has as much impact on my spirit as music.

Here’s a memory concerning a nice wallow session I had while in the throws of a very serious teenage romance.  My high school boyfriend had just broken up with me.  I was devastated.

Honestly….how could life possibly go on?!

You know what got me through (aside from long solo runs on a dirt road)?  Music!  One song in particular:  “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star.  If you haven’t ever listened to it, go.  Do it. Now.  It’s one of the most dramatic, depressing, and all around self-obsessively dark song I’ve heard.  And it was perfect to sit and feel sorry for myself with this on repeat in the background.  Just imagine me in some flannel with a hairdo straight out of “My So Called Life”.


How very 90’s teen angsty of me.

And guys when a band can hit you on all three levels, memories, motivation, and mood, you have the ingredients for a favorite band.  My very fave just happens to be 311.  I’m certain they and the fun, friends, and frivolity they’ve brought into my life will show up in many more posts.

I like alliteration.

Alright, signing out for now.  After writing post number two it appears a closing line has presented itself to me quite easily.  As Nick Hexum would say…..

Stay Positive & Love Your Life



Song:  “Ashes to Ashes”- David Bowie

Food:  Leftovers from last night.  Beans, Gardein ch’kin, and cornbread
Drinking: H2o
Random Fact: Sometimes when I’m walking around, I like to pretend I’m in a movie.  I narrate.  Yeah, I know it’s weird.

Shout out to Loho for the “Today” idea.  Check out her blog at:

6 thoughts on “Music: You Are My Constant Companion

  1. Love it! You write well in spite of me!

    • Thanks Mr. Murf! Seriously though, you are by far my biggest teaching influence when it comes to writing and literature! It must feel pretty amazing to know you’ve been such a positive influence on so many minds.

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  3. This is why I go crazy in Target or Walmart bc it is quiet as a cemetery there and I want upbeat music playing while I throw my money around. What is wrong with stores to not want to play music?

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